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How can humans be more kind?
With ourselves, each other, and our world?

Songs, Stories, & Sounds
illuminate the path to our hearts, so we can
show up with courage and creativity.

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Hi! I'm a writer, illustrator, and singer based in Indianola, WA.

As a child of trauma, I'm passionate about making playful, deep songs and stories that illuminate the ways we can grow ~ as our personal and planetary sh*t hits the fan. Current projects: a graphic novel /short film.

My work has appeared in Time Magazine, feature films, public TV, corporate websites, a one-woman show, YA novels, climate activism, and in bathrooms across the US (Holy Sh*t! mindfulness deck :)
Also an arts-based activist and singer, I've facilitated brave spaces for teens and women to practice self-acceptance, and the courage to express their truth, from the heart.
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A StorySinger's Manifesto

  • As we face climate chaos, I crave songs that open our hearts and stories that shine a light on how humans can evolve. To honor ourselves, each other, and our home: Planet Earth .
  • We need more stories that reveal how we can embody the cooperative, caring aspects of humanity.
  • My personal story reveals the theme of my work: How can we navigate back home - to our hearts?
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