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HeartsQuest themes: we lose our hearts so easily...

...and we can find our way back,
to what matters most.

My personal Heart's Quest

Professional HeartsQuest: creative highlights

Singing and Sound offer the shortest distance to the heart

Sharing the joy of singing and sound healing in community spaces

The Joy Ensemble

Seattle community of improvisational singers share vocal improv through singing circles and recording podcasts (listen at

Spark Story: Finding my Voice >

Empowering Women's Voices >
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Art and Humor open doors to social change

Ignite Seattle-Holy Shit.jpg
A playful challenge to the nearly 90 gallons of water the average American consumes each day

Ignite Seattle "Holy Sh*t!" 
Our team of engineers and artists developed Holy Shit - a water-saving pilot program to showcase simple composting toilets at arts festivals and this TED-talk-ish event at Town Hall Seattle (more at

More Arts and Water Activism >

Holy Sh*t bathroom oracle cards >

Making images to seed our culture

Celebrating the rise of feminine energy with wearable art

Series of T-Shirt designs sold in shops (supposedly this tee was worn by an actress in a toilet paper commercial :)

More Illustration >
Star Goddess.png

Fantasy reaches hidden places that ‘reality’ can’t touch

Twins of Tessar fantasy novel.png
What if you looked in a mirror and saw your dark twin, and he's the opposite gender?

The Twins of Tessar
Young Adult fantasy novel explores inner voices and befriending the shadow side. Book one of a series set in ancient mythic cultures. Published on Amazon.

More Sci-Fi / Fantasy fiction >

Environments bring film stories to life

Creating set pieces to anchor a love affair in an authentic, specific world

Designer: branding, set graphics, decorations
Universal Studios release

More Film & Video work >

Words and images shift hearts - and culture - in powerful ways

Exploring the range of human emotions in the best photography

TIME Magazine
Art Direction, Special Issues
"150 Years of Photojournalism"

More Art Direction >
TIME-150 years of Journalism-intro.jpg

Let's chat.

Collaborations? Questions? I'd love to connect. Contact me with ideas (or request a complete resume/CV.)

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