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Holy Sh*t! 52 Inspiring Self-Care Tools for People Who Poo

Holy Sh*t is a bathroom deck of playful and practical meditative prompts. Each card invites you to reset your monkey mind, restore your body, release funky emotions from your heart, or revitalize your spirit - in a light-hearted way. Self-care isn't Selfish, so why not doo it in the Loo? Holy Sh*t! makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys potty humor as well as mind-body-spirit wisdom.
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Holy Sh*t cards invite you on a brief, meditative Self-Care journey.

This deck offers 52 light-hearted practices to honor and release the mental, emotional, and other sh*t that collects in your system. So you can Go with the Flow, and tend to what matters most. To you.

How did Holy Sh*t deck come into being? Mired in midlife suckage, I needed help! I gathered the best tools from ancient wisdom traditions, mindfulness, and neuroscience. Learning to embody these practices really helped me process my own sh*t! Working with teens and women's circles, and workshops, I developed my original deck of mind-body-spirit tools, HeartsQuest: Creative Tools to Navigate Change.


Meanwhile, I co-created an arts-based water-saving activist project called Holy Shit. Our team of sacred fools and witches shared radical composting toilet technologies (Sacred Poo Temples) across the Northwest, including Beloved Festival and Ignite Seattle.


Inspired by the joy of poo puns and metaphors, I created Holy Sh*t!, a lighthearted version designed for bathroom use. My Kickstarter campaign to print both decks funded in 3 days.

It's not all fun and games in the Loo! Each Holy Sh*t card offers a mini meditation that draw from the wisdom of breathwork, mindfulness, active imagination, shamanism, neuroscience, compassion and heart intelligence, sound healing, body work (somatics) and energy medicine. Each tool can be done in minutes - just about the length of time it takes to have a really fulfilling poo :)

Is a HolySh*t deck for you? or someone you know? Grab your deck today :)

Big Love, Christine

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