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Feminine energy is on the Rise. Your voice matters.

Many women feel an urgency to reveal their full, authentic brilliance. Perhaps it's because our medicine is needed to reshape our world. For 10 years, I've led women's circles, workshops, and retreats. We come together to grieve and reclaim what's been lost under the patriarchy; to define and claim our heart's desire; to grow courageous and connected. We share our songs and stories, from the heart. Using our full voice expands our influence and magnifies our power.

Comments about Circles, Workshops and Retreats

“I am much clearer who I am, where I want to go, and what to do to get there. I love the connection, support and clarity I received from this group.” – Darcy H.


“I've awakened to where I find joy and to pursue it more actively. I’ve forged new friendships and awareness that the negative archetypes of my life can also be beneficial.” – Christine 


“I’ve surprised myself! Negative thinking has significantly eased. I now have compassion and patience toward my situation and hope for continued change and new learning.”- Deborah D.


“I listen to “me” more. I hear the negative voices, and recognize who they are and why they are saying them. I can better understand my reactions to the outside world, and my inside world. I am not alone.” – Debbie C.


“I’m more determined to change – or let “me” out. I am so pleased to have met great women, and find my struggles are superficial situations that try to stop me from letting me out.”- Petra L

Spark Story, my one-woman show and workshop on overcoming fears of sharing my true voice, toured the west and was featured at the annual Seattle Women of Wisdom conference. Please reach out to explore how to bring Spark Story to your women’s event.

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