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Film and Television

My mom produced kids' shows for our local St. Louis PBS station before working for MTV and Nickelodeon. I loved the TV studio and worked as a designer for the station. To complete a BA in Media/Film, I was lucky to study with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. "Fire and Ice," my student documentary on a local glass-blowing studio, aired on The Learning Channel. Later I joined the crew of several feature films, assisting with production design and storyboards. 


"CRAZY IN LOVE" Feature starring Holly Hunter and Gena Rowlands. Storyboard artist.

"WHITE PALACE" Feature starring Susan Sarandon and James Spader. Graphic Designer, branding, signage, set design/decoration.

"FIRE AND ICE" Documentary short. Director/producer. Aired on The Learning Channel.

"BACK TO HANNIBAL" Disney feature starring Paul Winfield. Cast: background extra.

"THE LOUNGE PEOPLE" Indy feature starring Buck Henry, BD Wong. Pre-production designs/storyboards.

"EMPEROR of HEMP" Documentary. Title sequence animation concept.

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