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HeartsQuest: Creative Tools to Navigate Change

$25 (plus shipping)

Meditations and prompts include an optional point system to gamify your growth. A beautiful gift for anyone going through a Big Change, in a silky golden organza bag.

HOLY SH*T: 52 Self-Care Tools for People who Poo

$20 (plus shipping)

Infuse your journey with light-hearted potty humor. Designed for bathroom use, this playful deck of high-quality cards makes a mindfully fun gift, packaged in a tin with a hinged lid.

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YA Fantasy Novel: Twins of Tessar

When 13-year-old Yolanda looks in her mirror, she's shocked to see a boy’s face instead of her own. There’s no one to talk to since Mama died; Yolanda is alone in her ramshackle house on the backside of Huskaloosa Mountain. The strange boy shows up in reflections everywhere: on the TV and even on the toaster, calling her by name. When he appears in a lake under a full moon, Yolanda plunges in after him, stepping out into an ancient spirit world. The boy is gone. Yolanda is held captive in a mystical Eastern palace. She escapes with Ming, a warrior princess, and together they flee to a distant mountaintop where all the answers lie. She unleashes her power, the vision to see the truth. But can she trust it enough to see the real boy behind the reflection?

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