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Spark Story: A unique interactive musical and workshop

You want to wake up filled with purpose. Speak your truth. Create your heart's desire. But when you step out of your comfort zone, does your inner Mean Girl fill you with dread, worry, and self-doubt? Good Girl demands you be perfect and nice, always. Hungry Girl distracts you with dark chocolate, online shopping, wine, and binge-watching. The cycle repeats. Your dreams, sidelined. Again. WTF!

Spark Story is a one-woman musical about overcoming fear of singing: or Making Friends with Fear and her Nicey, Spicey Freaky Sneaky Ways. 

Comments about Spark Story

"Your story reminded me of what I want most – to be at home, in me."

– Isabel Belda, Coach, Buenos Aires


"Your piece really moved me, caused a definite shift. I am not the same person."

– Amma Li Grace, Portland

"It really got inside here, under my heart, and opened up some deep parts of me."

– Nina Von Feldmann, Seattle

"I can relate to all your characters – the good girl, the workaholic, the rebel, and still wanting to keep your heart. Even from the beginning, I started to cry, with the little girl. It’s very powerful."– Milena Skaloudova, Scotland

"We can all understand this. I want my daughter and my mother to see it."

– Chris Hille, actress, Seattle

"Your performance was a joy to watch, to see you, hear you, feel you. You spoke about all of us… I heard the sound of my soul." – Patricia Ferrera, Argentina

"It was very moving. Coming from a performing background, and having seen a lot of polished work that doesn’t always move you… when it’s real, it’s very palpable. Thank you."

– Joule L’adara, Sounding Circles, New York

Spark Story Performance highlights:

• Featured presentation, Women of Wisdom Conference, Seattle, WA, 2018

• West Coast Tour: Denver, Boulder, Salt Lake, Tahoe, San Francisco, Berkeley, Ashland & Portland, 2017

• Unity Center for Positive Living, Mothers’ Day Service, Centralia, WA, 2017

• Women’s Red Tent Ceremony, Sacred Groves Retreat Center, Bainbridge Island WA, 2016

• Creative Activation Retreat, Heart of Wellness, Olympia, WA, 2016

• Sacred Sound Retreat, NatureBridge, Port Angeles, WA, 2015-2016

• TedX Youth (non-official event),   Bainbridge Island WA, 2012

• Ignite Bainbridge (5 min TED Talk), Bainbridge Island WA, 2012, 2013

Spark Story in your community...

Are you connected to a youth group, women’s circle, or a spiritual or wellness community? SPARK STORY inspires self-compassion, creativity, and the courage to face challenges. 

Contact me to co-create a powerful, heart-opening experience, in a format that works for your people. 

Big Love, Christine

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