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Comfort and Clarity for going through a Big Change

HeartsQuest: Creative Tools to Navigate Change is a deck of playful, practical inner tools to meet the challenges of Big Changes: uncertainty, anxiety, crankiness, fear, binging (red wine, Netflix, dark chocolate, etc.) Contact me to get your very own deck! (online store coming soon).

The story of Hearts Quest

When I hit midlife, I was surprised to feel SO TOTALLY LOST. Confused. Seven friends had already died of cancer. Life felt very short. I knew that my job was killing me (and my body). I wanted desperately to follow my heart, and feed my soul. But how? What came next? The uncertainty was terrifying.

I felt like a butterfly trapped in a cocoon. A pile of goo. Stuck in my own fears and shadows. When would my effing new wings come in? What could lift me up from this torture?

So I took a deep dive. Seeking insights and tools from brain science, ancient wisdom traditions, mindfulness, astrology, positive psychology, and coaching. I practiced with indigenous elders and sound healing pioneers. On my own HeartsQuest, I eventually found more peace, joy, self-love -- and the courage to find and follow my heart and soul. I longed to make beauty, to share what I'd practiced. I left my corporate job to facilitate women’s circles, workshops, retreats and vision quests. These tools brought me the journey of discovery with more meaning and joy.

Each HeartsQuest card offers an imaginative meditation tool that reflects the wisdom I gathered and used daily. Each tool can be done in minutes. Each offers additional creative challenges, so you can create new neuropathways and apply the takeaways in playful ways. Gamify your HeartsQuest with a simple point system that adds a boost of motivation to use your insights in everyday life. You can play HeartsQuest with a friend, sister, or your trusted circle.

What's YOUR Big Change? Maybe it’s a major life transition. Leaving one phase for a new one. Graduating. Changing location or job. Or maybe you're losing something precious. Your home. Work. A loved one. Your health. 

Or maybe you just KNOW it’s time to make some changes. Kick that addiction. Leave that job (or that person) that drains your life force. Switch up your way of life for a new sense of purpose. Even if you've chosen to change, you’ve got a LOT to deal with. Anxiety. Wacky thoughts jumping around like monkeys. Each HeartsQuest card offers comfort and clarity ~ as your heart shows you the way to what's next.

If the HeartsQuest deck is for you - or someone you know - please contact me to get your own!
Supplies are limited.

Big Love, Christine

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