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Screenwriting: 'Operation Mermaid' original dark comedy series

A secret society of wannabe witches uses mystical powers to persuade greedy corporate overlords to shift their oil-guzzling ways, so they can save humanity from climate chaos. 
OperationMermaid-dark comedy composite-large.jpg

Why "Operation Mermaid?"

Activating Women's Voices

As a citizen of a planet suffering from climate chaos and water issues, I'm devoted to sharing stories that explore new ways for humans to live - and how we can change.

As a Creative Healing practitioner, I draw upon a lifelong study of mystical arts, from dreamwork to energy and sound healing, as well as  mediumship (AKA witches' work).

Born female in patriarchy, and a child of domestic violence, I'm passionate about raising women's voices and feminine forms of power (I facilitated women's circles, workshops and retreats for over 10 years).

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