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in a big change?

In a Big Life Transition? Maybe you've recently experienced a loss: breakup, job, health issue or a death. Or maybe it's time for review: a quarter- or mid-life crisis, etc. Or perhaps you just know, deep down, that things gotta change.

When you're navigating a Big Life Change, the waters can get deep. Waves get rough. Not everybody understands. 

It's so disorienting. Nothing feels certain., or secure. Which brings anxiety. Worry. Overwhelm. Self-doubt. Crap!

It's Journey for sure. But where to go next? Your Big Life Change is an initiation: an opening to explore the path.

There's hope.

1  Sound is a Powerful Tool for Well-being.

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Whatever stage you're in, do you feel exhausted by the same old stuff? Self-sabotage. Physical symptoms. Regrets. Feeling lost. 


What if all this crap was your body's way of saying, "Hey, it's time. Yes, it's scary. Yeah, it feels like way too much at times. But you're actually ready for the next level. Or this would not be 'happening' to you."


What if this whole 'shituation' is the next step of your evolution, calling your name?


A Sound Soul Insights session helps you move through Big Changes with more clarity, humor and harmony.


Your first session includes Sound Energy Work to reveal stories from the past that may be sucking the life out of your present - and your future. wellness tools and intuitive coaching.

  • Change can be rough. But the challenges you're feeling now often have deep roots in the past, even before you were born.

  • Epigenetics reveals that experiences of trauma are passed down through multiple generations. Anxiety that won't quit? Not so good at trusting others? Loving yourself? Speaking your truth? These could be leftovers from your Gramma's life, an earlier ancestor or experience that lives on in your DNA, cellular memory.

  • A Sound Soul Insights session can reveal hidden sources of your challenges:  
    physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. These old stories want to be seen and heard. Combined with energy work, these old emotional bonds can release their grip on you. You'll also get a set of tools for self-reflection and compassion to fortify your heart, mind, body and soul for the way ahead.  

You are enough. It's not your fault. You got this! 

How can Sound make my Big Life Changes better?

“Christine made sure I was comfortable from start to finish. She took plenty of time with the preparation, the reading and processing together afterward. Her insights were keen. She articulated an area of big energy I have carried with me, but never had someone witness before in such a sacred way. Without prompting, she gave me reassurance about an area of my body for which I had sought medical care in the past and had some residual worry around. The session was unlike any modality I've seen before. It was like having a portrait done from the inside out. ”

~ Connie Mears, Artist, Founder of DreamHatching

“It sucked to be in Costa Rica and feel so exhausted and so down. I couldn't get a full breath. I’d been to all the doctors, but they never found anything wrong with my lungs. Christine Ahh’s sounding session felt amazing! She sensed exactly what blocked my breathing, and showed me how I could move the energy. Within a few hours I was back to myself. Thank you. I’m so grateful!”
~ Amanda Sovereign, LMT, Seattle, WA

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Keep your clothes on :) as I scan your chakra system or core energy centers. Sound can pinpoint energy blocks with uncanny accuracy, while my voice sings the stories and frequencies hidden within. As this energy baggage lets go, you are more free to act on your dreams in this Big Life Change.

  • In every time and every culture, Music has been key to feeling better. Calming, soothing, comforting.

  • Listening to music releases feel-good Endorphins and reduces Cortisol, stress hormone. Good for the soul.

  • World traditions and religions call on chants and songs to connect us to our higher power. Singing releases Oxytocin, the Love hormone that helps us bond.

2  Sound is a Powerful tool to release emotions

  • When babies get upset, they CRY. We are designed to move emotions through our bodies, including sound.

  • When kids get happy, they GIGGLE... or coo...

  • When people get excited or scared, we make SOUND (sports: GO TEAM!!! Horror movies: Eeek!)

“After the most restful and deep sound healing session with Christine, I came away refreshed and clear, with insights and clearings of many kinds at many levels. It is definitely helpful and I will do again. I am grateful for the depth and breadth of her healing work and gift.”

~ Christina Hinman, caregiving professional, Poulsbo, WA

“I’ve not felt this much joy and freedom of movement in such a long time! It was exquisite. Thank you.”

~Martha Holschen, Feldenkrais Practitioner

3  Sound reveals what's hidden

  • ULTRASOUND scan (sonogram) uses sound waves to create an image inside the body (first baby photo!)

  • SONAR detects objects under water and measures depth of the water. We humans are mostly water.

  • RADAR uses radio waves for air-traffic control, mapping terrain, weather and more.

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A singer all my life, I began to study healing through sound 8 years ago. I was amazed by how fast and effective the sound frequencies of my voice changed my experience. Sound is simply vibration, which moves energy in a wave form. The secret power of sound is to bypass your logical mind and reach your emotions.  Waves of sound can break up stagnation in the body and restore the harmony of wholeness. Healing sounds can induce deep states of relaxation, reduce the heart rate and blood pressure.  Your body is around 70% water, a natural conductor of sound.  Sound awakens consciousness. Adding your intention to the energy of the sound Sound is the most powerful, effective tool for transformation I've discovered. It lifts your soul and 

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