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How can we heal ourselves, our relationships, our world?

When grief awakened my heart, I left the corporate world behind. I felt called to work with people, to connect deeply, to share experiences of trauma and healing, and to grow together. This deep dive led to training in positive psychology, coaching, ancient indigenous traditions, sound energy, and somatic healing therapies, including Family Systems Constellations. In my Creative Healing practice, I offered workshops, group coaching, and individual sessions. Soul work - exploring invisible, imaginal, liminal worlds, and developing intuition and psychic communication - is deeply rewarding.

Are you connected to a youth group, teen or young adult organization?

“I understand my self-sabotage, old stories I still listen to: not feeling seen, respected, inadequate, not good enough. I’m on the path of healing!” - Michelle P.
“I’ve learned how to communicate directly with my heart. It just needs some space amongst the voices of distraction.” ~ Carol A.
“After my sound energy session, I feel so light. A lot of heaviness went out of me. My grandmother’s story of losing a child makes me even more ready to act on my calling, to help children.” ~ Molly P.
“Christine holds the keys to the human soul. She is always there, cracking the door a little bit wider, listening. And she is almost psychic: when you’re wanting to hear a certain thing, often she’ll say it. She can make almost anyone feel beautiful, sound beautiful, act beautiful.” - Gab V.

Want more insight into old patterns you'd like to change?

Contact me for a complimentary 20-minute chat, to explore what you'd like to shift, and how I can help.

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